Customer Experience Seminar - October 24, 2019

Offer a seamless, global and coherent Experience

The evolution of the digital landscape is transforming the way customers interact with companies. IoT, virtual reality, voice interactions, wearables,… are some levers that can improve the customer experience.
By means of pragmatic use cases, this new NEXT session will showcase how different digital technologies can contribute in the improvement of your end-to-end customers’ experience.


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12:00 pm
With Michel Lorgeré
CEO Sopra Steria BeNeLux


Delicious and energizing lunch

12:30 pm
Lunch Vision
With Alexandre Vandermeersch

How can we drive or influence the end-to-end experience ? Why is it essential to develop a customer-experience vision ?

Let’s start with our shared vision of how the end-to-end experience need to take advantage of the digital world.

by Alexandre Vandermeersch (Innovation Management Director @ Leyton)

13:20 pm
Experience Zones – Part 1
With Lisa Bodzenta,
François Gilles,
Lola Botman,
Tristan Thillaye du Boullay

4 Themes – 2 Use Cases per Experience Zone

Augmented / Virtual Reality – How AR/VR could improve your current business, transform your process and win productivity ?

Industry 4.0. – Demystify Industry 4.0. Discover how this concept will reinforce the collaboration between human, technology and machine.

Gamification 2.0 –Gamification 2.0 sound like the latest buzzword in a long line of Internet. Discover how it will help to improve your Business’s productivity, evaluate what is working and what is not, giving immediate and clear feedback to the user.

Voice Recognition – Voice recognition enable consumers to interact with technology simply by speaking to it. Discover how it will generate a new way of working and improve the efficiency of your organization.

14:30 pm
Coffee Break
14:45 pm
Experience Zones – Part 2
With Lisa Bodzenta,
François Gilles,
Lola Botman,
Tristan Thillaye du Boullay

Explore further the technologies with the experience zones

15:50 pm
Conclusion – Innovate Together
With Rossen Jekov

Conclude your afternoon with inspiring discussions and leave with concrete use cases to be implemented.

16:30 pm

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Alexandre Vandermeersch

Innovation Management Director @ Leyton


Lisa Bodzenta



François Gilles

DigiLab Manager


Lola Botman



Tristan Thillaye du Boullay

Senior Digital Consultant


Rossen Jekov

IT Excellence Lead

Venue Info

Transforma BXL

13 Avenue Jules Bordet
1140 – Brussels

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