Digital Lunch Discovery: Blockchain Session

June 13, 2019 – 12h-14h ⏱️| Transforma BXL 📍

There is a severe lack of general awareness concerning blockchain, and that can become problematic when it comes to designing a project. In essence, we need to understand and explain blockchain in simpler terms

Rather than distorting you with painful explanations, this session aims at presenting key principles and drivers of blockchain.

We will go from theory to practice and show you examples of Blockchain prototypes or projects that we have developed for some of our customers.


About NEXT Meetups

At Sopra Steria we understand that the rapid emergence of digital technologies can be overwhelming and represent major challenges at all levels in your organisation.  We would like to show you what is coming out on the market and how it can benefit you via a series of digital technologies seminars and demos at our offices in Brussels. We will highlight how digital technology is applied and what it can do to improve your business.

For this edition, Sopra Steria will be presenting blockchain technology. What is it used for? How can it benefit you? Is it a real innovation or just a passing trend? Can you improve your business with blockchain technology?

What can you expect from these morning sessions?


Through presentations and demos, learn about the digital technologies and tools that we use


Understand concrete digital applications that can be tailored to your business


Network amongst your peers and our digital experts


12:00 pm


12:30 pm
Introduction and Sopra Steria vision on Blochchain:
With Michel Lorgeré and Alexandre Eich-Gozzi

General introduction to blockchain. The essential steps to understand the solution.

12:50 pm
Experience Zone 1:
With Alexandre Eich-Gozzi

Smart digital cloning: a connected car with blockchain technology.

Experience Zone 2:
With Jérôme de Forsan

Inward processing: secure & shared tire processing audit trail.

Experience Zone 3:
With Mauricio Fernandez

Syndication: a unique solution for massive financial operations.

Experience Zone 4:
With Charlotte Thoumy

Digicoin: a collaborative portal to follow innovative projects.

14:00 pm
Start your afternoon

Start your day with a bag full of ideas and inspirations and a full stomach.



Michel Lorgeré

CEO Sopra Steria Benelux


Charlotte Thoumy

Blockchain Consultant


Jérôme de Forsan

Blockchain Guild Leader


Mauricio Alejandro Fernandez

BeNeLux – Blockchain Leader


Nicolas de Groote

Ethereum Developer and Microsoft Award Winner


Alexandre Eich-Gozzi

Head of Blockchain Stream

Venue Info

Transforma BXL

13 Avenue Jules Bordet
1140 – Brussels

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